Roller Coasters!

Hi, my name is Matt and I fucking love Roller Coasters.

Anonymous said: ever been on Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando? I rode it today and it was awesome :D

YES! That used to be my favourite coaster!!

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Anonymous said: what is the tallest roller coaster in America? would you go on it?

Tallest is Kingda Ka and yes I would ride it.

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Anonymous said: Do you have any season passes to any parks?

No. I don’t live near any parks.

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Anonymous said: have you been to six flags new england?

No sadly I have not. That’s another park on the top of my list!

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Anonymous said: How do you find the time to go to all the amusement parks and ride all the different roller coasters?

Well I am eighteen and I was unemployed. 

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Anonymous said: What's our favorite amusement park & coaster? Have you ever been to six flags magic mountain?

My favourite amusement park is Cedar Point and my favourite coaster is Top Thrill Dragster. No but I will soon. It’s either SFMM or Busch Gardens Williamsburg for my next park.

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