Roller Coasters!

Hi, my name is Matt and I fucking love Roller Coasters.

shooting-starsz said: Can you tell me how to not be scared when i actually get on a roller coaster?

Okay well I’ll tell you what I tell everyone that is scared to get on roller coasters. First, watch the roller coaster. Watch like 3 or so trains complete the circuit. When you get in line try to keep your mind off of the roller coaster, most people psych themselves out in line so don’t do that. Ride with someone and chat with them in line. Also, roller coasters are super safe. There is a statistic out there that you are more likely to crash in the car on the way there then anything happening on a roller coaster, the restraints are safe and would have to fail multiple times for the whole thing to fail. Once you get on and are strapped in just remain calm and take deep breaths. Tell yourself that it will be fun because it really will be. Don’t think too much about being scared just relax and have. My sister used to be terrified of roller coasters and would never ride them. When we went to Florida I made her ride the coasters and now she loves them.

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Anonymous said: Name some roller coasters you really wanna ride

  1. Expedition GeForce
  2. Intimidator 305
  3. Leviathan
  4. Kingda Ka
  5. X2
  6. Tatsu
  7. Intimidator
  8. Diamondback

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shooting-starsz said: ok so im 16 & i have never ridden a roller coaster before , but i am going to orlando this summer and i want to know what roller coaster in either sea world universal or disney world should be my first one?

Hmmm well if you are scared of roller coasters I suggest riding Expedition Everest in the Animal Kingdom at Disney world. Also ride Space Mountain in Disney World. If you aren’t scared of roller coasters then just go all out. Ride Incredible Hulk and Dueling Dragons in Islands of Adventure and Manta and kraken at SeaWorld.

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milesofmadison said: Hi! I was wondering what your favorite rollercoasters are and where they are! The list can be as long as you want! (:

  1. Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point.
  2. Maverick at Cedar Point.
  3. Millennium Force at Cedar Point.
  4. Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.
  5. Dueling Dragons (Dragon Challenge) at Islands of Adventure.
  6. Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando.
  7. Magnun XL-200 at Cedar Point.
  8. Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure.
  9. Mean Streak at Cedar Point.
  10. Raptor at Cedar Point.
  11. Wicked Twister at Cedar Point.
  12. Mantis at Cedar Point.
  13. Mindbender in West Edmonton Mall.
  14. Rock ‘N’ Roller coaster at Disney World.
  15. Expedition Everest at Disney World.

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Wicked Twister at Cedar Point.
Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. My new favourite roller coaster.
Maverick at Cedar Point.
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